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Latest Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Specification|Comparison|Price

 Every year people expect more better smart phone then last year, and you have to appreciate that the smart phone industries doing it better and fastly. Right now we are talking about the Samsung and ofcourse the samsung one of the famous smart phone company we have and it really shocked us each year with giving us more and more better smart phone.

 After introduced Samsung galaxy S7 edge on February 2016 which is no doubt number one samsung smart phone we have and then i thought Now what after that now samsung introduce New Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 on 9th May 2016. To understand the galaxy J7 2016 we have to compare it with another nice one, now we have the Samsung galaxy J5 is still demanding smart phone if i know and also quite similar with J7 but ofcourse there are some big differences also there in terms of speed, size, material and battery performance.

 First of all the Dimension the Samsung galaxy J7 beautifully increasing size with 151.7x76x7.8mm (height x width x thickness) and 169 gram weight and 5.5 inches screen best for gaming as well as watching videos.  Samsung galaxy J7 2016 more better speed then galaxy J5 and its amazingly fast in terms of performances snap shooting, opening files, apps, gaming, recording videos etc, it is powered by Qualcomm MSM8952 Snapdragon 617 Exynos 7870 Octa. Both devices includes super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and LET 3G/4G Network. Samsung galaxy J7 2016 support microSD card upto 256GB while it has 16GB of its own built in memory and 2 GB of RAM.

 Samsung galaxy J7 2016 impressively introduced 13MP primary autofocus rear camera along with f/1.9 aperture and dual-tone flash, both galaxy J7 and J5 has 5MP front camera but J7 include more feature like panorama and HDR. Both has removable Battery with big different size Samsung galaxy J7 has more better battery life with 3300mAh while J5 has 2600mAh battery life.

 We find galaxy J7 more better then galaxy J5 while with this we also find it lttle bit expensive, Samsung galaxy J7 but still in budget smart phone USD 350$ and Samsung galaxy J5 in USD 266$.


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