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Latest Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 Specification|Comparison|Price

Every year people expect more better smart phone then last year, and you have to appreciate that the smart phone industries doing it better and fastly. Right now we are talking about the Samsung and ofcourse the samsung one of the famous smart phone company we have and it really shocked us each year with giving us more and more better smart phone.

 After introduced Samsung galaxy S7edge on February 2016 which is no doubt number one samsung smart phone we have and then i thought Now what after that now samsung introduce New Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 on 9th May 2016. To understand the galaxy J7 2016 we have to compare it with another nice one, now we have the Samsung galaxy J5 is still demanding smart phone if i know and also quite similar with J7 but ofcourse there are some big differences also there in terms of speed, size, material and battery performance.

 First of all the Dimension the Samsung galaxy J7 beautifully increasing size with 151.7x76x7.8mm (height x width x thickness) and 1…

Samsung Galaxy S7 Spacification and Comparison

Now we  have Samsung Galaxy S7. Its looks and feels very much like last year samsung galaxy same glass and metal construction S6. This smart phone its similar lot of ways to its processor the one i can before it should be the Samsung galaxy S6. Its easy to talk about this phone and to completely understand, look at all it's difference betweenit and the phone came before it.This is all you want to know that new and difference about Samsung galaxy S7. first of all the body slightly different its upgraded and the phone still pretty thin, totally dimensions is 142.4x69.6x7.9mm and 152 grams of weight, and Super AMOLED technology screen with 5.1 inches size.
 But the extra spaces inside the battery 3000mAh so that pretty important, and the set its all the same premier material from last year so grill glass on front and back and then metal real on sides and really nice buttons so over all i get the idea that the build is slightly improved but still very familiar infact this is definitely…

Best Smart Phone 2016 and Comparison

This is about comparison between Samsung galaxy S7 and Samsung galaxy S7 Edge no doubt 2016 best android smartphone. Samsung simplify there line up a lot from last year where they have samsung galaxy S6 and samsung galaxy S6 Active, galaxy S6 Edge, and galaxy S6 Edge Plus. This year we get several smart phones from other smart phone companies such as iphone 7 and HTC and more but we talking about best 2016 smart phone impressed all smart phone lovers.

 The Samsung after released samsung galaxy S7 now we have Samsung galaxy S7 edge. so first of all very differences sizes ofcourse the galaxy s7 sort of mid to large size phone 5.1 inch display but the samsung galaxy s7 edge is big phone which has 5.5  Quad HD super Amoled display and also galaxy S7 edge have curve glass on both sides that make in rate. galaxy S7 Edge is point two millimeter thinner and five gram  heavier then regular galaxy S7 and now being heavier make scenes its bigger phone. The shape of the Galaxy S7 edge is still ve…