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Samsung Galaxy S7 Spacification and Comparison

        Now we  have Samsung Galaxy S7. Its looks and feels very much like last year samsung galaxy same glass and metal construction S6. This smart phone its similar lot of ways to its processor the one i can before it should be the Samsung galaxy S6. Its easy to talk about this phone and to completely understand, look at all it's difference between it and the phone came before it.This is all you want to know that new and difference about Samsung galaxy S7. first of all the body slightly different its upgraded and the phone still pretty thin, totally dimensions is 142.4x69.6x7.9mm and 152 grams of weight, and Super AMOLED technology screen with 5.1 inches size.

 But the extra spaces inside the battery 3000mAh so that pretty important, and the set its all the same premier material from last year so grill glass on front and back and then metal real on sides and really nice buttons so over all i get the idea that the build is slightly improved but still very familiar infact this is definitely still the slimmest phone i have ever hand or use. The next different it that the IP 68 this phone is now totally dust sealed and water resistance you can use it in the rain or near pool or at the beach whatever its fine and the Samsung galaxy S7 also have MicroSD card slot also you get all of that SnapDragon 820 Adreno 430 and 4GB of ram and 32/64GB of memory internal with 2.3GHz speed of processor that make its performance definately snap to mash this is really quick and snapy phone again like the Samsung galaxy S6 was. We getting much improvement ram management as well thats big here with metal and glass its still does get its warm even with the new internal cooling but nothing too severage its little warm when it touch when you gaming for a while or doing some heavy browsing but just for everyday use its fine.

 The biggest difference with the new Samsung galaxy S7 its the new camera its 12mp camera and the camera app opens with that double tab the home button really quick from anywhere super fast and immediately ready for shot its no shutter lack and any thing its very quick to grape the  photo 12 mege pixel is still plane and its pixel are now larger which along with the Optical stabilization and the huge 4.7 aperture that help a lot. The photo quality in auto mode its very typical samsung so very bright punchy colorful and contract sharping i get it all my need so i get it that auto focus its the best part of this new camera and its crazy fast Samsung galaxy S7 also in its 4k video recording its just as fast, over all the fast phase detection auto focus OIS combined with  the fast aperture and the fast camera app makes this the fastest smart phone camera and the front facing camera its not bad also 5mp and also 1.7 aperture and the premier material the fast home button finger print and some quick charging and wireless charging with the new larger battery and it still have a fast charging it does little bit warm touch when you wireless charging but other then that pretty much no complain about the new battery.


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